Angkor Agriculture Association

Angkor Kasekam Roongroeung Co., Ltd.

farmer-at-fieldAngkor Kasekam Roongroeung Co.,Ltd. has co-operated with local authorities and farmers to establish the

association in order to develop the agriculture sector and to enhance a better living to the community.

The persons who work in the association come from 3 entities, which are Angkor Kasekam Roongroeung Co., Ltd., Farmers and Local Authorities to implement the major role as following:


The major roles of Angkor Agriculture Association :

  • Supply high quality in demand of 100% pure “Neang Malis” paddy seeds to the members.
  • Provide agricultural technique and knowledge to the members.
  • Provide relevant agricultural equipment, for example, water pump bought or rented at an economic price.
  • Provide non chemical fertilizers to the members.
  • Purchase all the paddies produced from members in a guaranteed price.
  • Promote mixed agriculture i.e. fish cattle or chicken farm to increase income.


The Results :

The company has been very successful in meeing with groups of farmers in the 4 provinces. It has been found that farmers are glad that the company offers support and assistance to them. They trust and believe in the company. They are also satisfied with the contract and ready to take advices from experts and follow the instruction seriously. Moreover, governors of the provinces, district chives, commune heads and village head have been very cooperative. This is because they all see that there will be mutual benefits. Hence, our membership system has been very successful.