Facility And Process

Angkor Kasekam Roongroeung Co., Ltd.

Agricultural Promotion Division and ResearchDivision

This division takes care of farmer members through “Angkor Agriculture Association” by providing suggestions and trainings and useful information on the agriculture procedures including distributing high quality of “Neang Malis” rice grains to farmer members.

Research Division implements the research on selecting “Neang Malis” rice breeds that are suitable for growing, cultivation, and ensure selected land are high resistant to diseases and insects .

The division is filled with agricultural specialists, advisors and staffs with well experienced, well-trained and knowledgeable in agriculture field with effective communications with the farmers as a result of the finest quality of “Neang Malis” distributed to the market.

Rice Mill Division High Quality through State of the Art Technology

The company utilizes the most advanced milling technology. The state-of –the-art-colour-sorting machine verifies each and every grain of rice so that any imperfect grains and impurities are detected by an ultra-sensitive infrared camera and blown out by the air-shooting device.

To guarantee that our customers are satisfied with 100% purity “Neang Malis” rice with no other varieties mixed in, we have implemented an innovative system to monitor our entire rice production process. We utilize the most advanced milling technology in our factory. The special rice polishers bring out the natural white colour and silkness in our rice grains. The sophisticated colour sorting machine examines each grain to ensure a consistent quality and purity of our rice

Sales Division

The division take care of both domestic and international clients and forecast the rice market direction including the rice grains and milled rice price. “Mr. Chieu Hieng” has had his skillful hands in the rice market for more than 35 years. He is very experienced in both domestic and international agricultural products trading. Therefore, the company is certain that both domestic and international sales are in good hands.